UGC NET English Mock Test 3

Welcome to your UGC NET English Mock Test 3

1. Who is the representative pots of America?

2. Which of the following thinker-concept pairs is rightly matched?

3. ‘The wasteland’ was dedicated to

4. Choose the correct sequence of the following schools of criticism-

5. Who is the hero in ‘fairy Queen’?

6. Emily Dickinson was

7. “Peripeteia’’ mean-

8. March banks figur in shaw’s

9. “Gynocriticism” focuses on-

10. Keats dies at the age of

11. Samuel Butler’s Hudibras is modelled upon

12. Who wrote the following well know lines? “If you can think and not make dreams your aim.’’

13. Who was the last of the Christian Humanists?

14. Who wrote the “The age of Anxiety”?

15. The Narrative of Raja Rao’s Kanthapura is based on

16. Dr. Johnson’s fame as a critic rests on his

17. Which of the following author-book pair is correctly matched?

18. Limerick is a form of comic-verse consisting of …….. lines.

19. Who wrote ‘A tiger does not proclaim its tigretude’?

20. The above form was popularized by

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