UGC NET English Mock Test 4

Welcome to your UGC NET English Mock Test 4

1. “Jindiworobak” movement relates to-

2. Which literary form is meant to be read in a closet rather than acted upon the stage?

3.The Montreal group of poets championed the cause of-

4. Which term denotes the final resolution of all conflict in the last act or scene of a play?

5.The figure of the “Abyssinian Maid” appears in-

6. Which one is a silent form of drama?

7. Coleridge’s statement that imagination “dissolve, diffuse, dissipate in order to recreate” relates to-

8. Which one is known as the ‘irregular ode’?

9.Who among the following is a writer of historical romance?

10. Cowleyan ode was established by

11. A particle is

12. Lampoon which involves caricature and ridicule is often differentiated from satire on the ground that is it-

13. “Careless she is with artful Care/Affecting to seem unaffected” is an example of-

14. A play with song and music interspersed is known as-

15. A Metrical foot containing a stressed, followed by an unstressed, syllable is-

16. Who originated the genre ‘Melodrama’?

17. the rhyme scheme of a Spenserian sonnet is-

18. Which form of the poetry mourns the lamentation over someone dead?

19. Using the expression “crown” for the monarchy is an example of-

20. Verse de Societe deals with the frivolous concerns of

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