UGC NET English Mock Test 5

Welcome to your UGC NET English Mock Test 5

1. Pope’s “Essay on Criticism” sums up the art of poetry as taught first by

2. In an interlude the emphasis on

3. Swift’s tale of a tub is a satire on

4. the term masque which stand for a semi-dramatic courtly form of entertainment, had the element of

5. dr. Johnson started

6. Which literary genre means a short poem with a witty or ingenious turn of thought?

7. Who among the following cautioned against the danger of popular liberty

8. ‘comic epic is a unique literary genre which comically employs in a prose work all the epic device such as-

9. Which famous American classic open with “call me Ishmael”?

10. Drama is a performance, usually of some pre-arrange text on scenario by actor for an audience and has its basis in and associated with

11. Allen Ginsberg’s vision of America is ins-paired by

12. Mream allegory is a type of medie-val ……….in the form of a dream.

13. Who among the following represent the Sri Lanka diaspora?

14. Which term is used when the idealized passage of rural life express the purity of happiness, innocence, contentment and devotion?

15. Out of America s a film adaptation of a work by-

16. Dumb show is a short piece of a silent action which is included in a play to-

17. The Empire writes Back was written by-

18. Comic relief is the comic diverting element in a serious tragic work especially a dramatic work, which

19. The Theatre of Cruelty is associated with-

20. Droll is a short dramatic piece generally an adaption which