Basics of Web Development, Languages, Platforms and Benefits

Basics of Web Development, Languages, Platforms and Benefits

In the modern era, the online presence of your business, institute, company, government, or non-government organization is of utmost necessity to give it strong wings to reach across the world. Building a solid profile on social media sites or blog sites can be a good option to give your business an online presence, but yes, it cannot be completed until you have your website with the specific domain name that generally represents your brand name. Creating a website on the internet and putting great content on it is greatly essential for you if you want to attract your customers and audiences towards your business. Through your website, you can take your business to a huge number of audiences throughout the world, and with great content on it, you can take the message to them effectively.

Web Development

If you have a little knowledge of web technology or your academic background is based on IT or computer science, you would be able to build your website yourself through some open source platforms like WordPress. But if you are quite new to web technology, you can take the help of the Best Web Development Company in India. The professionals will help you create your online presence by designing and developing your responsive and attractive website.

Types of the website:

Nowadays, the internet is flooded with a huge number of websites. Now that we have the World Wide Web, here we see various types of websites. The following is a list of some basic types of websites, Apart from these below-mentioned websites, you can have some more hybrids of all those we are discussing below.

Basic Website Types

  1. Personal Websites
  2. Photo Sharing Websites
  3. Writers / Authors Websites
  4. Community Building Websites
  5. Mobile Device Websites
  6. Blogs
  7. Informational Websites
  8. Online Business Brochure/Catalog
  9. Directory Websites
  10. E-commerce Websites

Note: you can build some online publishing sites like free or pay classified or add sites like, article submission sites like, or personal blog sites like

Which Language Is The Best For Web Development?

Doubtlessly there are many web development languages when it comes to programming code to make a website, and we love so many functions with it.  The team of developers must choose one from a number of different web development languages that is most appropriate for fulfilling their purpose.

However, choosing the best language that can best meets your requirement can be difficult because each language is better suited to its own applications and functions.  Before you have a sound understanding of all that you cannot find exactly which language is the best one for you as you do not have complete knowledge of all and uses and features of them. The following are some of the most popular languages that are generally used to develop a website in the latest web world.

PHP – PHP (Personal Home Pages) is the most common language that is currently used to develop websites on open-source streams. PHP is extremely flexible and easy to use, so it is widely used. The developers who have any level of skills can pick it up as quickly as possible. Another reason why it is widely used is that it is the most regularly updated and is completely free to use.

ASP.NET – After PHP, ASP.NET language comes as per its usability for web development. ASP.Net can be easily compiled with a variety of other languages such as COBOL, Python, etc. to create websites that function amazingly.

JSP – JSP (Java Server Pages) is also known as Java, and it is from the open-source stream. It is great because it can be used even if you have no previous knowledge of JavaScript. JSP can also be used in collaboration with ASP.NET. It means that this language can be used to create all types of applications.

Perl – Perl is another language from the open-source stream. This language is actually liked by web developers because it is very effective and influential. One another reason why it is used is that essentially any tool is achievable with it.

After knowing these languages and some others at least in brief, you can come to the conclusion to which language is the best one.

Popular Platforms of web development:

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. AngularJS
  3. Ember.js
  4. CakePHP:
  5. Phalcon
  6. Zend
  8. Symfony
  9. Express
  10. Codeigniter

Best platform in today’s trending world of technology:

A website needs code to exist on the internet. This is why agencies or companies that don’t have sufficient knowledge of coding rely on expert developers to add functions and features to a website in a beautiful form. However, WordPress makes everything easier every day for developers, users, admin, or webmasters. With a little amount of time and effort, developers can create better things with WordPress as WordPress gives a strong, but flexible base to web development. You can add lots of features and functions to your WordPress website by adding plugins or widgets that are pre-developed and works like tools to add different features.

The files in formats of PSD (Photoshop Document), INDD (InDesign), JPG/JPEG, etc. are converted into WordPress.

The individual elements of the design such as menu tabs, images, buttons, icons, etc. are ‘sliced’ and placed in an HTML format. This HTML wireframe is then coded into WordPress-specific PHP templates and the style elements are coded into CSS. For all pages design, the same process is repeated.

For your web development, you can choose the free WordPress, the free CMS. You can reap the different benefits of using word press to develop its website. The theme files such as templates, stylesheets, the functions file, etc. are compiled in one folder, and then these are tested exhaustively for checking errors, browser compatibility, performance, and responsiveness.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

Literally thousands of awesome, SEO-friendly, widget-ready WordPress themes are available with responsive design at affordable prices, or even for free. So you need not spend a lot of money, time and effort for creating your website for business and blog. You can get a product instantly using WordPress.

WordPress has been in use around since 2003, and with the passes of time its ubiquity has come to the new standards. Yes, Gone are those days when WordPress was considered ideal for only bloggers, today the non-blogging sites –even the busiest sites are being powered by WordPress.

If you are entrepreneur who is looking for establishing a strong online presence of your blog, business or origination, then using WordPress is the decision you must make.

If you need to investigate more miracles for your business website, read more about WordPress.

Here are some genuine reasons that will incite you to use WordPress theme to build your business site or blog site.

WordPress website is Device Friendly:

Since WordPress is program based, so you can utilize your wordPress site from any PC framework, smartphone, tablet and independent of the IP. All what your user need is a working internet.

Improved scalability

Scalability is a prime need that every site owner needs for improving it as per the time and business grow. You can continue integrate new features and functionalities to your word press site.

Search engine friendly structure

WordPress offers search engine friendly plugins which you can use to optimize your WordPress website for search engines. The coding at the back-end is spick and span and straightforward, which permit the web crawlers to smoothly index your website. On the other hand, you can allocate every page particular Meta Title, Meta description, keywords, and tags. in need, you can avail reliable SEO services to bring your website top rank in search results in the first page.

Say Goodbye to FTP and HTML Hassles

Websites built with WordPress include everything which you may require to build a successful blog or online business.  It means you needn’t bother for extra FTP and HTML programming.

Get Improved Usability

WordPress is extremely easy and you can utilize with great ease.  Within couple of minutes, you can include pages, posts, pictures, recordings, hyperlinks, etc.

Full control over your website

WordPress makes you the webmaster of your site. You need not depend on designers and developers for the smallest of changes in your site. With user friendly interface of WordPress, you can control over all the elements of your WordPress site and make improvements by yourself.

Build a blog for your business website

At your WordPress website, you can get extra advantages, and an inherent website is one of them. You can coordinate web journals in your site. Apart from that you can empower RSS channels and email memberships on your site consequently. Thus WordPress, the powerful CMS and its themes can be best used to its full glory.

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