Secret of Life

Secret of Life

What is that who has made us all? What is that who has made all the universe? Where have we come from? Where will we go to after death? Does all existence of living beings end after they die? What is the thing which keeps us alive? What is the purpose of our life? There are numberless questions which strike our mind. In my opinion, these are the main topics that pull my attention to a maximum time of duration in the day and night. But really it is crucial to say something exactly about all these things. The category entitled “Spirituality” has been generated on my blog OPPN Media to share my own ideas about the topic Let us discuss all that we know about the topic.

Life after the Death

Most of us remain busy in doing our general works and get lost in our whole life. Some think generally but some devote their whole life to know the biggest secret of the universe? I am sure it is not so easy as some religious persons can tell you. It is the widest and deepest topic. To be frank, I am telling you that even after a lot of efforts of reading and thinking, we do not reach the climax of the topic exactly, yet lots of ideas, interesting things, and even facts come before us when we devote our time to the topic. From my very childhood days, I have been interested in such kinds of things that take me to spirituality. Through this category, I would like to share my experience and would be pleased and grateful to read your views as a comment on the blog.

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