Who is God or Creator of Universe?

Who is God or Creator of the Universe?

A Humble Invocation to God        

Before going to elaborate on the word God, I bow to the supernatural power that I call Param Pita Parmeshwer (the Great Father or Creator of the Universe) and humbly invoke Him to give me the power to write on Him. I know His existence is certain, but the form, appearance, and certain rules of God have always been a controversial question for even those who have a high level of intellectual power.

What do we know about God?

Everyone knows about God but no one knows exactly. Every person has a lot of things to talk about, lots of figures to figure Him out, a lot of proofs to prove his existence, a lot of stories to elaborate Him, but can all these be trusted upon. Yes, but, not exactly. By hearing my answer some of you can award me an atheist and some can call me nonsense.  I have not read a lot about God, but I am aware of some general thoughts based on Hinduism, Christianity, Muslims, and Sikhs’ beliefs. Spiritual thoughts based on every religion can give a definition of God in a different way. Of course, there are some logics in them that give some proofs about God’s Existence and they teach some moral thoughts and of course, they show us the right path of our life, but all of them leave a lot of questions with unsatisfactory answers.  In fact, I am not trying to pick holes in any religion, but I am just trying to come closer to understanding God by putting the impression of any particular religion aside. As most of us when trying to write about God have an impression of our particular Religion as we have conceptualized the thought about God according to the religious teachings we have been taught from when we have a sense of the world.

Sources Defining Common Conception about God

Who is God? I know that it is not only me alone who has the same question in mind. Definitely, every person having even an average intellectual power thinks it sometimes in his or her life. But people coming with above the average skills of mind, think about the word in general. Most of them create a figure of God as per the information they collect from the religion they are born in. they can be influenced by the spiritual thoughts they learn from their religious books. The conception of God we develop is contributed by the teachings and inspirations we get from our ancestors. 99 % of people of us inherit religious thoughts and follow the same religion as well as the concept of God. If we take the concept of God formed by one religion as ultimate truth then what about other conceptions formed by other beliefs?

People’s Notion about God That Makes Me Wondered            

People without knowing anything exactly come to the conclusion very soon and they don’t lose any chance to boast about their conception of God and criticize other conceptions developed by other religions. Why it is so? Why we don’t try to know the truth? If we don’t have the right idea to come to the right concept of God, why we don’t accept our lack of approach to the right point instead of criticizing God in any form? I have noticed even the most religious persons criticizing the other conception of God or another form of God. In lack of in-depth knowledge, we form a conception and pretend to be superior in ours, if we believe in God so much then why we criticize others? While we don’t know everything clearly, but why we don’t accept it? Certainly, they forget that if they are humiliating God in any form, they are directly humiliating God.

 The Real Conception of God

As far as the human mind approaches in search of God, the only thing that comes as true fact is that there is an ultimate power that has its existence in every smallest particle of the universe. The power that creates the universe and makes it run systematically and even makes changes in it at times is called supernatural power-God (generator, operator, and destroyer). I am sure every living being and the nonliving thing has a bit of His power and becomes solid proof of His existence. It seems that the supernatural power takes numberless forms as living beings using its different amount of energy and some days later assimilates them into itself by destroying their form. The power has a great and broad form that cannot be limited by national boundaries or communities. The supreme power (God) cannot be divided for all the Hindus, the Christian, the Sikhs, the Muslims, and other religions that have their separate conception of God. It is only one not several. We all emerge from it and also mingle in it.  Yea, it is fact that God has unlimited power to take any form any time anywhere by the law of the universe and even as a miracle. Lack of in-depth knowledge about God and the fantasy of people for considering their particular sect super confine them to their preset conception about God.

Proofs that Confirm the Existence of God:

The world is full of wonders and miracles that surprise every human mind whosoever thinks it deeply and widely. Even a simple thing existing in this world is solid proof of supernatural power. Coming into the world by birth and leaving this world by death is a process that would make you lost in search without any solid answer. If you want to know about the proofs of God, leave the entire world aside and think only of yourself, you will find the proof of God’s existence. Who are you? Who has made you? From where have you come? Where would you go? What is the importance of your life? Why have you come here? What is the motto of your life? These questions probably will not help you figure out God, but I am sure the questions will make you aware that there is something behind your life. The life that you consider everything is quite unknown to you. You don’t have even 1% knowledge about it. Trust me we are living blindly in a world with no exact information. It is only supernatural power (God) who is playing by forming and destroying different kinds of living beings varied in form, size, and energy. One of the proven facts about God and the universe is that he has developed an exact and solid system for every happening whether it is lighting in the sky, the birth of living being, death, germination of a plant from a solid seed, and growing a plant into a big tree, adaptability of birds in the open sky and aquatic animals in the water. Nothing can happen without any process or system. No need to say that all are not in the human hands, there is supreme power (God) behind all that.

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