Common Mistakes and Solutions of Content Marketing Strategy

Many people ask me the same question, “Why my content marketing strategy is not working well while I create an article and post daily?” They have absolutely no idea why their content marketing strategies bring a no good result for them. Either they care completely fail or do not get the output as effective as they think of.

If you are one of those who are wondered thinking that, “My content marketing strategies seem to be just an object of failure but why?”, keep reading this article. It will provide an answer to your question.

If indeed content marketing strategy is an effective and tested method of online marketing then why is your business not getting your ROI in content marketing? Well. It is just because some common mistakes of content marketing strategies are going horribly wrong.

I am sure you have a great website, good social media presence through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and you create weekly informative articles. But believe me, you need to go deeper with your content strategy to make it more searchable.

If you that writing and publishing articles on Facebook and LinkedIn is what content strategy is, you are wrong guys. I am sorry to say so, but it is true. You may agree with me if I say that tons of content are already available on the internet about everything.  So before posting your content think whether your article has any special reason to make your reader stay on your page. Yes, you need to be different, unique and deeper with information and solution in your article.

Try to know these 4 most common mistakes usually many people make with their content strategies.

Mistake1. You Content is not solving reader’s problem

If you are giving just what readers are already familiar with, there is no use of such writing.


Always keep in mind; readers are not coming to your site just to read your article. On the contrary, they are looking for deeper knowledge, solutions, and answers. Think about different kinds of questions which readers can have about the topic you are writing on, and then try to answer all of them making your article persuasive. 

Try your best to make every little piece of content highly informative and persuasive so that readers can find answers of their questions. Problem-solving content your readers build themselves as knowledgeable, and assist them in many ways.

Mistake2. You are replicating the same topics.

Most businesses are following the same topics and tricks what their competitors have already published. Yes, this is the problem that you are not giving something new, you are just replicating the things, and readers don’t take interest in it.  In this way even 1000 words-articles goes waste.


Just focus on your readers and try to find why they are coming to your website. Have they not found such the same content on the internet? Yes, in any way, don’t post your content if it is not 10 times better than anything that your competitors are publishing. Figure out what your readers want and create content based on your readers choice.

Mistake 3. You are not using pictures or images

Reports reveal that the posts which don’t have images fail to catch the attention of readers. A report says that Buzzfeed wins the list of top publishers on Facebook. What makes Buzzfeed the king in the content strategy? I am sure it is its communication through images. Some of their posts barely contain any content but still, they convey their message very well through images.


Remember that readers love eye-catching images especially the ones that can help know the answer of their questions without reading the content along. Create your post with relevant images that can either tell a story or solve a problem.

Mistake4. You aren’t Promoting the Content

If you create content but don’t promote it, you will not get result of what you have done. You can think that content marketing is all about creating content and posting it on your website. How do you think readers are going to find your post?


Creating content is just first part of your content marketing strategy. You need to go to the other half of effective content marketing strategy thinking how you promote it. Certainly, there are endless ways to promote your single post or article:

  • Newsletter
  • Facebook Posting
  • LinkedIn Posting
  • Pitch influencers who can share your post
  • Pitch bloggers and ask them to share your post

Mistake5: Your content lacks SEO strategies:

Most of us don’t care to make the content rich with SEO techniques, and the post is not search engine-friendly like Google friendly. Without an ineffective SEO, content cannot be mapped out properly.

Solution: Create a strong and effective Meta Title. Meta description is also must for promoting your content in search engines. While creating post, use first main keyword once in the title and meta description, and twice in body for making your content SEO friendly. You can use the second relevant keyword in the body of article.

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