How to Promote Your Blog or Business Website?

Building a website, running it on the internet, and promoting it in different internet channels can be really an exciting way of creating an earning source. But remember that monetizing your blog or business website is not as easy as it looks in the beginning. It can really be a useless effort and time-consuming thing until you have sufficient knowledge, and writing skills and give full-time devotion to your website.   

If you are running or thinking to run any blog or website for monetizing it for the best, you need to pay proper attention to its promotion. The following list of result-oriented tips can help you understand some basic ideas on how to promote your website. To promote your business website, you must read and implement them:

Fake it until you make it:

 To give your website’s impression on first visitors, you need to maintain it professionally with some necessary content, so that visitors can take it as a proper platform for their purpose. If it is free classified ads sites, in the beginning, you can post some ads or classifieds with no or less importance by yourself. You can also request your friends or relatives, collogues to post their ads. Doing this will bring some content to your website which is necessary to build trust among your site visitors and make Google ready to scroll your site. It will show that your site has value.

Narrow your focus: Your site may have various purposes, but in the beginning, focus on one which is the most important one. For instance, if your site is a platform of free classified ads, your site may have many categories for posting ads, but while promoting it, you should concentrate on one or two categories at a time. Find a niche that can have better results and put your time and effort into getting people in that particular niche to use your classified site. Once you feel comfortable with that niche, you can move on to the next and continue with the process.

Paid Advertise:

For better promotion of your site, you can advertise on other classified ads. You can go for social media paid programs like Facebook ads, twitter ads, etc. they can give great results. Some people use Google Adwords as the best tool for advertising. The good thing about Google is that if you spend $25 on Google Adwords, your hosting might allow $100 free Adwords credit.

Find something to keep visitors coming back:

Visitors don’t come back to your site before until they find any reason for their visit, so put something on your website that can make them interested to come back. Give them a reason why they should come back to your site. On a free classified site, putting ads is generally one time visit in a month and it takes limited time to post ads on your website, so take care to ring something more interested.

Create a blog on it:

Blogging on the site is an effective thing. Creating a blog on the site and post new articles on it regularly gives sufficient content for search engines as well as for users. Find something to write about, and write meaningful content. Your content should give some solution to site users.

Implement SEO Strategies:

 Online and offline SEO activities really help your site get an upper rank. You can do some of the other white-hat SEO tricks, like link building, etc.

Add your website in your email signature:

You must add your site in your email signature; it will give you great exposure to your contacts.

Add your website name to your images:

The images which you put on different channels on the internet should have your site’s name written.

Get your website’s Social Media Optimization:

Create your account on some most popular social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. Build an effective profile on them, you can create your business page on the sites which allow you to have a profile on Facebook, you can create a particular page for your business website. You can create Pinterest boards, create Google + collections and circle people. Identify your ideal customers in each of your ad categories and follow them on Twitter, like their tweets. Using Google Plus can help you build a customer network and it can also increase your webpage rank too.

Build an email list:

You can check other websites and look for the email addresses of those who are your ideal customers. Then you can send a personal email with a few words to encourage them to use your website when they have something to do relating to your business the next time. For instance, you have a free classifieds platform, if they post classified ads elsewhere in the future, they will likely post on your site as well.

Offers or incentives:

In the beginning, you may offer some incentives or coupons for encouraging users for using your website for services and or products you offer on it.

Get others to talk about you:

 Through your social media accounts, mobile phone, chat platforms, etc., you can talk to your friends, relatives, and professionals in your group about your business and make them aware of it. 

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