Top 12 Valuable Tips for Diabetes Patients

Top 12 Valuable Tips for Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems people face everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, no exact medical treatment is yet suggested that can cure the problem successfully. The problem is generated because of incapability of pancreas to secrete insulin, an enzyme responsible to digest sugar, in proper way. When pancreas once gets problem to secrete insulin, the level of sugar in blood is not controlled and this abnormality of body is called diabetes. In this article, I am not going to depict the treatment of diabetes, but I am sure, the points I am going to discus will help you minimize the problem and help you live a happy life even with the diabetes.

If you have been diagnosed diabetes, don’t let you go to depression thinking that you are not eligible for living a happy life. But set your mind to be extra careful about diabetes management. There are some tips that will help you live normally.

  1. Gain proper knowledge and use it to diabetes management. Educate yourself about the medication what your doctor consults you and be serious to take the medicine in time. Be aware about the three important things-blood pressure, A1C and Cholesterol and keep yourself updated about your condition. Try to keep your blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol close to normal measurement to protect your heart.
  2. You must get A1C (average blood glucose) tested at least thrice a year.
  3. Be aware to your blood pressure and get it checked whenever you doubt its abnormality. Blood pressure below 130/80 mmHg will reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  4. Cholesterol test is needed at least once a year. If you are taking cholesterol-lowering medication, try to maintain an LDL of less than 100 mg/dl and an HDL of more than 40 mg/dl for male and more than 50 mg/dl for female.
  5. 30 minutes exercise must be a part of your daily life. If you are not in habit of doing exercise daily, make it a part of your daily life soon. It is the most important thing that can best help you in managing your disease. A simple walk can help you, but is not sufficient for you. You should go beyond it. Saying so, I don’t want you to be a gymnastic, but a 15 minutes jogging and 15 minutes other exercise will give your body a good stretch and make your internal organs function well. Likewise it will instigate the pancreas to secrete insulin. It will help you maintain blood pressure, blood sugar to keep your heart safe.
  6. For immediate information, you can do a self test with a meter and find out your blood glucose at any moment. It will help you understand exactly how medicines, stress, exercise and food are affecting glucose level in your blood and so you can take action to control it in time.
  7. Be particular about your diet and know what foods are good to eat and what foods are restricted for you. Less unhealthy carbohydrates like sodas, desserts and candy are good to eat. Choose calorie-free drinks, water or diet soda instead of sugar sweetened drinks. Use sugar substitutes in your diet.
  8. Obesity is harmful. It can add your problem as these have direct relation to the Type-2 diabetes. If you are already suffering from obesity or you notice it currently growing, just give it a break and do hard to reduce it. Taking care of your diet and exercise will help you maintain your healthy weight.
  9. Many other problems can appear if the diabetes is not managed well. Get in touch with doctors for regular tests. Eye and foot examination is also a part of diabetes management.
  10. Depression can affect your disease and reduce your ability to care for your diabetes, so don’t let yourself go in depression. For this, you can take help of your family members, relatives and friends. If you have some people with this disease, keep on sharing your conditions with one another. It will give you emotional support and help you overcome your depression. Discussing with others will also increase your knowledge to manage the problem.
  11. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the camps and education programs organized by specialists in your neighborhood. Updated knowledge and ongoing education is significant part of your diabetes management.
  12. While concluding the article, I would suggest you to go through regular tests suggested, control your blood glucose, maintain your healthy life style and take your medications as prescribed by your doctor.

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