Advertisement Writing Format Examples Exercise for Class 12

Here is classified and non-classified Advertisement Writing Format Example Exercise as per the syllabus and pattern of the CBSE 12th class.

An advertisement is just like a public notice which is written to ask for, sell products, sell property, and offer services. It also can provide information about missing persons.s

Types of Advertisement: There are 2 kinds of advertisements:

  1. Classified Advertisement
  2. Non Classified advertisement/ Display Advertisement (Commercial advertisement)

What is a classified advertisement?

A classified advertisement is written for publishing in a newspaper or a magazine, usually to sell or buy something. This is also put to find or offer a job.

 Topics for Classified Advertisement

A Classified advertisement is written by an employer who is looking for the services of a person in his organization or to sell/purchase/rent any property or for many other purposes.

Type and Purpose of Advertisement     

SITUATION VACANT: This advertisement for a situation vacant is written by an employer who needs one or more employees for his organization.

SITUATION WANTED: A job-seeker who needs a job writes such kinds of advertisements.

FOR SALE: This advertisement is written to sell products, property, assets, office goods, etc.

TO LET: This advertisement is written by property owners or property managers who look for tenants for their property.

ACCOMMODATION WANTED: This is written by those who are looking for a place for accommodation.

MATRIMONIALS: This is written for looking for suitable brides and grooms.

MISSING: This advertisement represents any missing object/person/pet, etc.  It gives descriptive details for that particular one.

TRAVELS AND TOURS: These are written by travel agencies.

Tips for writing Classified Advertisement:

Publishing advertisements in newspapers and magazines require charges per word, so the informative but crispy advertisement is considered to be great. Too lengthy and unclear text will cause people to skip your advertisement.

  1. Draw a box with a pencil.
  2. Classified advertisements should begin with a clear heading in capital letters.—For Sale, T Let, Situation Vacant, Situation Wanted, etc.
  3. Use no images and designs
  4. Manage your words carefully in phrases.
  5. No need to write full sentences
  6. Maintain a word limit of 50 words.
  7. Language should be used according to the target audience.
  8. Put contact detail (contact number and E-mail ID) given in the question paper at the end of the advertisement.
    • Never use your personal detail in any place in your answer.
    • Language should be simple, formal, and to the point.
    • In case the contact detail is missing, you can take imaginary…Such as name XYZ, and contact detail-XXXXXXX123, etc.

    Required information for some kinds of classified advertisements

    Situation Vacant:

    • Designation or post
    • Number of vacancies
    • Qualification required
    • Other qualities
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Pay scale
    • Way of applying
    • Contact Detail: Address, Phone no. Email ID

    Situation Wanted

    • Profile/ Designation/post
    • Qualification
    • Experience
    • Salary Expected
    • Other qualities
    • Contact Detail: Address/Phone no/ Email ID.

    Vehicles for Sale

    • Two Wheeler/ Four wheeler
    • Model
    • Color
    • Manufacturer
    • Mileage
    • Condition
    • Owner detail
    • Price
    • Address
    • Phone no.

    Property for sale

    • Kind of property-Flat, Plot, Villa, Agricultural land
    • Location
    • Area of property: squire meter/yard
    • Stores: in the case of House
    • Price
    • Contact address/ Phone No

    To Let

    • Type of accommodation: House/ Flat
    • Number of rooms/ floor
    • Rent monthly or yearly
    • Tenant type: Small family, teachers/ bank employees
    • Contact person
    • Address
    • Phone number

    Lost and Found

    • Title LOST/FOUND
    • Type of LOST FOUND: Person/pet/article
    • The place where the article was lost/found
    • Time, when article lost/, found
    • Reward for it
    • Contact detail: address/phone no.

    Classified Advertisement Examples:

    1. BDM Public School, Siyana requires a receptionist. As a Principal of the school, draft a suitable advertisement giving the necessary details of the required qualification and experience to be published in the classified columns of The Times of India. The word limit of 50 should be maintained.

    (Based on CBSE 2016)


    SITUATION VACANT Required a young, smart, friendly in behavior, dynamic, and charismatic female receptionist for BDM Public School, Siyana. Healthy work environment. Attractive salary with other benefits. Fresh graduates having appropriate capabilities and communication skills in English can also apply by sending their application and resume by Feb 15 to the below-mentioned id: For queries, contact: 89100XXXXX  

    2. You are Arvind/Geeta, a postgraduate in English with B.Ed. You have a great interest in teaching and learning. Having 5 years of experience in public schools with familiarity with the CBSE and UP Board syllabus, you are looking for the job of a TGT English. In about 50 words, write an advertisement for publishing in the situations wanted column of a local newspaper. Your contact no. is 999XXXXXXX.

    (Based on CBSE 2017)


                                                                     SITUATION VACANT! Arvind/Geeta, a postgraduate in English with B.Ed., is looking for a job as a TGT Teacher. Age 32 years. Affluent in Hindi and English. Well-acquainted with the syllabus of CBSE and UP board, have 5 years of experience. Good communication skills and pleasant personality. Expected salary- 30,000pm. Contact no.: 999XXXXXXX and email-id :  

    3. You are Kush/Khushi of 12, Pandav Nagar, Delhi. You are going to shift to another city for business, you want to sell your flat. Write a suitable advertisement in about 50 words to be published in The Hindustan Times under the classified columns. (Based on CBSE 2018)


                                                                FLAT FOR SALE Flat No. 15, Pandav Nagar, Delhi with two bedrooms having attached kitchen and bathrooms available in the best location,  Car parking available, North facing, friendly neighbors, power and water supply 24 hours available, near Metro station, reasonable price. For further details, contact: Kush/Khushi 98100XXXXX  


    1. You are Arun/Arunika. Draft a classified advertisement, in about 50 words, to be published in India Times as you want to sell your used motor car giving all the necessary details regarding it. Your contact number is 98XXXXXXXX.

    2. You are the manager of Vipro, Noida. The company requires some customer executives. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words for the situation vacant column, in The Times of India giving all details. Your contact number is 98XXXXXXXX.

    3. At Rohini, in Delhi, you have a three-bedroom flat with all modern amenities. It is fully air-conditioned and has a power backup. For the sale of this flat draft, a suitable advertisement of not more than 50 words is to be published in a local daily. Give all the necessary details. Your contact number is 9911223344.


    Non-Classified advertisement/ Display Advertisement (Commercial advertisement): Commercial advertisements are drafted for commercial purposes. They are used to attract the target audience. These advertisements are lengthier and cover bigger space, so more expensive too.    

    Valuable points to remember:

    • Use a catchy title, headings, and subheadings.
    • Design with catchy phrases and slogans.
    • Use Images and figures to make it eye-catching.
    • Use different fonts and sizes.
    • Use figurative language.
    • Maintain proper spacing.
    • Show special offers or discounts if require.

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