Articles Definition, Types, Rules, Examples, and Exercise

Definition: An article modifies a noun, and it acts as an adjective or determiner in the sentence. In the English language, ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’ are the articles. 

Kinds of Articles: There are two types of articles.

  1. Indefinite Article-‘a’ and ‘an’
  2. Definite Article- ‘The’

Indefinite Article (‘a’ and ‘an’) –These indefinite articles are used before a singular number or collective noun to denote the sense of indefinite person, place, or thing. These act as the numeral adjective.

Basic Rule:– ‘An’ is used before those words which begin with vowels (a,e,i,o,u) and ‘A’ is used before the words which begin with consonants.

Example: an apple, an orange, a boy, a girl.

But this basic rule is not absolutely right because this cannot be fitted for the following examples:-

  1. A university, a European.
  2. An hour, an honest man.

Rule based on Hindi vowels and consonants.

Example: A bird, a dog, a university, a European,

An umbrella, an owl, an ant, an hour, an honest boy,

Definite Articles (The):- Definite article is ‘The’. Definite article ‘the’ is used before any common noun and it denotes any special person, things, and place. The definite article ‘the’ acts as a demonstrative adjective.

Use of ‘The’:– When a noun is repeated which has been described earlier, then ‘the’ is used before the noun.

Example: 1. A man came here. The man was blind.

  • For indicating a whole group for species of a noun:-

Example:  (a).The cow is a gentle animal.

(b).The dog is a faithful animal.

3. Before Unlike nouns(those nouns which are single in this world):-

Example: The sun, the moon, the earth

4. Before the name of directions:-

Example: The east, the west, the north, the south

5. Before the superlative degree of Adjective:-

Example: (a) Kumod is the best boy in the class.

(b) Triyank is the tallest boy in the family.

6. When the adjectives are used as the noun then ‘the’ is used before the adjective.

Example: (a) He always helps the weak.

(b) The rich should help the poor.

7. The is used before the words which are used for weighing or measuring.

Example: (a) Petrol is sold by the liter.

(b) People sold bananas by the dozen.

8. When the comparative degree of an adjective is used for choosing one of the two persons but then is not used.

Example: (a) He is the wiser of the two brothers.

(b) She is the more intelligent of the two daughters.

9. When the comparative is used in the following sense.

Example: (a) The more you gain, the more you want.

10. With the ordinal numeral adjectives.

Example: (a) The first boy, the second candidate, the next question.

11. For cast, religion and nationality.

Example: (a) The Brahmins, the Muslims, The Hindus, the Indian, the American

12. Before the religious and the important books.

Example: (a) The Ramayana, The Bible, The Quran 

13. For famous buildings:-

Example: (a) The Taj, The Qutub Minar, The red fort.

14. Before the name of mountain chains:-

Example: (a) The Himalayas, The Alps

15. Before Sea, oceans, rive, valleys:-

Example: (a) The Indian Ocean, The red sea, The Ganga, The bay of Bengal.

16.  Before Kingdoms, Empire, Historical age, and historical events:-

Example: (a) The Roman empire, The second world war, The middle ages, The battle of Panipat, The Independence day.

17. Before the Geographical names:-

Example: (a) The equator, the North Pole, The south pole

18.  Before the name of some special Islands, countries, states:-
(a) The America ( north America and south America), The U.S.A, The Punjab.

Exercise: Fill in the blank with the suitable articles.

1………. crow is ……… bird.

2. The dog is ……..faithful animal.

3. My brother came out without …..umbrella. 

4. His father is …….I.A.S officer.

5. We will reach the school in …hour.

6. Sushant was ……

7. Kohli is …… best cricketer in Indian team.

8. Do you know ……..boy who has beaten your brother.

9. ……….. which should be helpful to …..poor.

10. There is ……temple near my house.

11. Gaurav is ………..honest man.

12. …….next candidate entered the room.

13. ………tiger is ……national animal.

14. Do you have …… in your house.

15. ………honest man is respected everywhere.

16. He will be there with in ….hour.

17. The child was saved by…. man.

18. He looks as if he were …………European.

19. The goat is ………useful pet.

20. English is …………language of ……English.

Answer Sheet: 1. The…a


4. an

5. an

6. an

7. the

8. the

9. the…the

10. a.

11. an

12. The

13. The. a

14. a

15. an

16. an

17. a

18. a

19. a

20. the…the

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