Interjections Definition Uses Rules Examples and Exercise

Here are definitions of interjections, uses, rules, examples, and exercises. Interjections are called exclamatory words and are used in exclamatory sentences.

Definition:- Interjections are those words that are used to denote the sudden feelings of heart or mind.

 Interjections are used in exclamatory sentences.

After interjection, the exclamation mark (!) is used.

Uses of interjections:

1. Hurrah! (aa ha) – For Happiness

Example. (A).Hurrah! We have won the match.

(B). Hurrah! I have passed.

2. Alas! (hayy):- for sorrow

Example:  (A).Alas! I have failed.

(B). Alas! I am ruined.

3. Hush! (chup):- To be quite.

Example:  (A). Hush! Someone is coming.

(B). Hush! Child is sleeping.

4. Bravo! (shabas):- for praising.

Example:  (A). Bravo! You have done well.

(B). Bravo! You played very well.

5. Hello! (suno):- for listen

Example:  (A). Hello! I am here.

(B). Hello Siddhartha! How are you.

6. Oh! :- For surprise.

Example:  (A) Oh! What beautiful flower is.

7. Fie fie (chi chi):- for hate.

Example:  (A) Fie fie! What a dirty boy.

8. Ha ha! (aa ha):- for happiness.

Example:  (A) Ha ah! I have found my pen.

9. Look (dheko):- for seeing.

Example:  (A) Look! He is coming.

10. Oh! :- for sorrow.

Example:  (A) Oh! We have lost the match. 

11. Good heaven/Good God ( Hyy Bhagwan):- for kindness

Example:  (A) Good god! he has lost his job.

12. Hail/ welcome! (swagat):- for welcome.

Example:  (A) Hail! You have done your work properly.

13. Aha! Indeed! What! Lo! :- for surprise.

Example:  (A) Indeed! He is very an intelligent person.

14. Hark! (chup):- for attracting,

Example:  (A) Hark! Your grandfather is sleeping.

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