Synonyms Meaning Uses Examples and Exercise

We have given at least two synonyms. In the bracket, one antonym for a few words has also been given to help you learn easily.

Abandon: leave, forsake (Retain)

Abase: humiliate, disgrace (honor)

Abash: confound, shame (encourage)

Abate: subside, lessen (raise)

Abbreviate: condense, reduce (expand)

Abet: assist, encourage (discourage)

Abhor: hate, loath (like)

Abject: mean, degraded (proud)

Abjure: repudiate, disclaim (accept)

Aboriginal: indigenous, native immigrant)

Abortive: fruitless, futile (effective)

Abscond: decamp, runoff (stay)

Abstruse: obscure, hidden (open)

Abysmal: endless, bottomless (P-09)

Acerbity: acrimony, bitterness (sweetness)

Addicted: accustomed to, devoted (free)

Adjacent: near, contiguous (distant)

Adjourn: defer, postpone (advance)

Admonish: chide, rebuke (praise)

Adroit: skillful, expert (P-05/T-05)

Adversity: misfortune, hardship (prosperity)

Affable: polite, courteous (uncivil)

Affliction: trouble, distress (comfort)

Affluence: opulence, wealth (poverty)

Aggravate: intensify, heighten (lighten)

Alacrity: alertness, readiness (inactivity)

Alienate: transfer, estrange (reconcile)

Allay: calm, alleviate (excite)

Allure: attract, entice (repel)

Altercation; wrangle, dispute (agreement)

Ambiguous: doubtful, equivocal (obvious)

Ameliorate: improve, amend (worsen)

Amiable: charming, lovable (unlovable)

Amicable: friendly, sociable (unfriendly)

Amnesty: pardon, condonation (P-05)

Anguish: agony, pain (comfort)

Annex: add, join (detach)

Annihilate: destroy, annul (preserve)

Annul: rescind, abrogate (confirm)

Apathetic: hostile, emotionless (P-2000)

Apex; summit, peak (P-05)

Appease: assuage, pacify (provoke)

Arduous: laborious, difficult (easy)

Arrogant: haughty, overbearing (humble)

Assail: assault, invade (defend)

Astute: crafty, cunning (stupid)

Atrocious: heinous, flagrant (decent)

Audacious: impudent, bold (timid)

Auspicious: fortunate, propitious

Baleful: injurious, noxious (harmless)

Barbarous: savage, wild (civilized)

Beguile: cheat, deceive

Behest: order, command

Benevolent: charitable, benign (malevolent)

Beseech: beg, entreat

Blasphemy: impiety, profanity (reverence)

Bleak: cold chilly (warm)

Bliss: rapture, felicity (unhappiness)

Blithe: happy, joyous (sorrowful)

Boisterous: clamorous, rowdy (quiet)

Bonhomie: good-naturedness, amiableness (P-10)

Brawl: altercation, squabble (harmony)

Burlesque: farcical, comical (serious)

Cadaverous: pale, ghastly

Cajole: coax, flatter (repel)

Camaraderie: intimacy, companionship (P-13)

Candid: frank, just (unfair)

Caprice: whim; freak (T-04)

Cardinal: primary, principal

Carnal: sensuous, lascivious (spiritual)

Castigate: punish, chastise (praise)

Cavil: censure, criticize (approve)

Chagrin: mortification, disappointment (satisfaction)

Chary: wary, cautious (reckless)

Childish: juvenile, puerile (sensible)

Chivalrous: heroic, gallant (cowardly)

Choleric: irascible, angry (calm)

Churlish: sullen, rude (civil)

Circumspect: prudent, cautious (incautious)

Clandestine: secret, underhand (open)

Colossal: enormous, gigantic (puny)

Comely: fair, handsome (ugly)

Compact: make-up-case, compressed (T-05)

Compunction: remorse, regret (recklessness)

Congruous: fit, appropriate (discordant)

Conjecture: guess, surmise (certainly)

Connive: disregard, conspire, (P-04)

Conspicuous: manifest, remarkable

Consummate: finished, complete (imperfect)

Contaminate: pollute, defile (purify)

Contemptuous: disdainful, scornful

Contentious: quarrelsome, litigious

Contravene: oppose, contradict (assist)

Convivial: festive, hilarious (unsocial)

Corpulent: fleshy, fat (thin)

Corroborate: confirm, establish (disprove)

Counterfeit: false, forged (genuine)

Covert: clandestine, disguised (overt)

Coy: shy, modest (pert)

Crafty: wily, cunning (ingenuous)

Craven: fearful cowardly (T-13)

Dainty: palatable, delicious (unpalatable)

Debility: weakness, infirmity invigoration)

Decorum: decency, propriety (impropriety)

Decree: ordinance, mandate

Defer: postpone, adjourn

Deference: reverence, honour (disrespect)

Defile: stain, contaminate (purify)

Demagogue politician, troublemaker (P-09)

Demolish: destroy, raze (build)

Deplete: exhaust, bankrupt (T-04)

Desecrate: pollute, profane (consecrate)

Despicable: worthless, contemptible

Desserts: sweet, pudding (P-10)

Differentiate: distinguish, discriminate (P-03)

Diffidence: hesitation, timidity (T-04)

Diligence industry, perseverance (idleness)

Discern: behold, observe (confuse)

Disparage: discredit, decry (applaud)

Disparity: inequality, gap (P-05)

Disport: amuse, entertain (P-04)

Docile: meck, gentle (T-09)

Ecstasy: rapture, trance

Effete: exhausted, effeminate (vigorous)

Egotism: vanity, conceit (modesty)

Elegant: refined, graceful inelegant) (P-2000)

Elucidate: explain, interpret (obfuscate)

Embellish: adorn, beautify (spoil)

Emolument: pay, remuneration

Encomium: praise, eulogy (censure)

Encroach: trespass, intrude

Enigmatic: puzzling, perplexing (T-09)

Equanimity: coolness, calmness

Eruption: explosion, outburst

Ethereal: heavenly, celestial (earthly)

Evanescent transitory, fleeting (permanent)

Exacerbate: vex, exasperate (soothe)

Excruciate torment, agonize alleviate)

Expatriate: exile, banish (repatriate)

Exquisite: perfect, refined (unrefined)

Extenuate: reduce, lessen (intensify)

Extravagant: lavish, spendthrift (economical)

Exult: rejoice, delight (grieve)

Facetious: funny, humorous (serious)

Fallible: uncertain, erring (infallible)

Fastidious: dainty, meticulous

Fatigue: exhaustion, weariness

Felicitous: happy, apt (P-05)

Fiasco: failure, debacle (T-04)

Filibuster: pirate, freebooter

Flaccid: weak, loose (firm)

Flippant: saucy, irreverent

Florid: ornate, flowery (plain)

Foray: raid, incursion

Fortitude: courage, grit

Frigid: unfeeling, chilling (warm)

Frugal: economical, thrifty (extravagant)

Furbish: burnish, brighten

Furtive: stealthy, covert (P-05)

Galling: irritating, harassing (P-02)

Garrulous: chattering, loquacious

Gaunt: lean emaciated, thin (corpulent)

Goulash: stew, olio (P-09)

Grotesque: odd, bizarre

Hackneyed: stale, trite (novel)

Hapless: unfortunate, unlucky (lucky)

Harangue: speech, lecture (P-09)

Hubbub: uproar, tumult (T-10)

Hypothetical: supposed, unconfirmed (T-10)

Ignominious: shameful, humiliating

Imbecile: silly, idiotic (sane)

Immaculate: faultless, unblemished (blemished)

Imminent: close, impending (T-01)

Immunity: protection, freedom (P-04)

Imperious: arrogant, authoritative (servile)

Imposter: rogue, knave, charlatan

Impromptu: offhand, extempore (P-09)

Incisive: trenchant, sharp (mild)

Incongruous: absurd, divergent (T-2000)

Indigent: destitute, poor (T-01)

Inexorable: relentless, unyielding (lenient) (P-10)

Infernal: hellish, diabolical, fiendish

Ingenuous: sincere, candid (disingenuous)

Ingenuity: skillfulness, intelligence (T-01)

Iniquitous: vicious, wicked (fair)

Invincible: unconquerable, unbeatable (P-2000)

Irascible: irritable, touchy (good-natured)

Itinerant: roving, nomadic, wandering

Jealous: envious, covetous (P-2000)

Jocose: humorous, playful (grave)

Knack: art, dexterity (clumsiness)

Labyrinthine: intricate, maze (straightforward)

Laconic: terse, brief (verbose)

Laggard: sluggish, tardy, loitering

Languid: weak, faint (vigorous)

Lascivious: lewd, wanton (chaste)

Lethal: deadly, fatal (harmless)

Liaison: intimacy, connection (T-01)

Lucrative: paying, profitable (unprofitable)

Lucre: gain, profit (loss)

Ludicrous: ridiculous, absurd (grave)

Lugubrious: doleful, mournful (cheerful)

Lurid: gruesome, dismal, murky (bright)

Magnanimous: generous, forgiving (selfish)

Magniloquent: inflated: bombastic

Mandate: command, authorization

Maudlin: emotional, sentimental

Maxim: proverb, adage

Meddlesome: officious, intrusive (non-interfering)

Mendacious: false, untruthful (veracious)

Mercenary: avaricious, vena, mean

Meticulous: precise, scrupulous (sloppy)

Mollify: soften, assuage, pacify

Mundane: worldly, earthly (heavenly)

Nauseous: sickening, abhorrent (T-10)

Nebulous: confused, hazy (clear)

Niggardiy: stingy, miserly (generous)

Noxious: harmful, poisonous (harmless)

Obdurate: stubborn, obstinate, unyielding

Obviate: counteract, prevent (hp)

Offal: wealthy, affluent

Ostentation: pomp display (modesty)

Paltry: mean, despicable, beggarly

Pallid: pale, colorless (colorful)

Pandemonium: uproar, racket

Paramount: supreme, eminent (trivial)

Pellucid: clear, limpid, transparent

Perpetual: eternal, enduring (P-05)

Pertinent: relevant, proper (T-01)

Philanthropist: altruist, Good Samaritan

Picturesque: vivid, graphic

Pillage: plunder, rob

Poltroon: coward, dastard (T-04)

Ponderous: heavy, bulky (light)

Pontifical: pretentious, splendid (P-09)

Precipitate: hurry, hasten, expedite

Preclude: stop, hinder (help)

Predicament: plight, dilemma

Predilection: prejudice, fondness

Preposterous: unbelievable, nonsensical (reasonable)

Proclivity: aptitude, disposition (T-03)

Progeny: offspring, descendant

Prone: prostrate, supine(T-04)

Propensity: predisposition, a proclivity (P-02)

Propitious: pleasing, favorable

Puerile: trivial, childish (sensible)

Punctilious: careful, scrupulous (careless)

Pursue: accomplish, read thoroughly (P-05)

Quell: crush, put down (promote)

Quiescent: inactive, latent (dynamic)

Quixotic: imaginary, impractical (realistic)

Rancor: greedy, covetous, avaricious

Raucous: harsh, hoarse, loud (quiet)

Recapitulate: repeat, enumerate

Recompense: reward, compensation

Rectitude: integrity, honesty

Redundant: excessive, exuberant (concise)

Refulgent: shining, glittering (dull)

Replete: stuffed, full (empty)

Replica: coy, reproduction

Reprimand: rebuke, censure, blame

Repudiate: reject, renounce (adopt)

Resplendent: shining, glittering

Reticent: shy, reserved (T-10)

Rubicund: reddish, florid, ruddy

Rueful: sorrowful, unhappy (cheerful)

Sardonic: bitter, scornful (P-09)

Saucy: impertinent, impudent (polite)

Savoury: nice, tasty, palatable

Schematic: graphic, illustrative (T-05)

Scurrilous: abusive, vulgar (refined)

Sedulous: busy, industrious (inactive)

Seethe: boil, ferment (P-09)

Servitude: slavery, bondage (freedom)

Simulate: imitate, pretend, resemble

Slovenly: untidy, disorderly (tidy)

Smear: taint, spray (T-04)

Solicited: requested, petitioned (T-05)

Somber: gloom, dismal, dull

Somnolent: drowsy, sleepy (alert)

Sorcery: witchcraft, necromancy, magic

Spurious: counterfeit, fake (genuine)

Squalid: filthy, dirty (clean)

Stimulate: encourage, inspire (P-05)

Stolid: impassive, unemotional (sensitive)

Stratagem: trick, artifice, ruse

Subjugate: overthrow, conquer

Succinct: terse, concise (wordy)

Surmise: conjecture, guess

Swarthy: black, dark, dusky

Sycophant: flatterer, parasite, hanger-on

Taciturn: silent, reserved (garrulous)

Tangible: solid, real (unreal)

Tarnish: stain, taint, blemish

Temerity: recklessness, rashness (caution)

Terrain: tract of land/country (P-04, 10)

Thrifty: prudent, economical (spendthrift)

Thwart: defeat, oppose (further)

Timorous: timid, frightened (P-2000)

Torpor: sluggishness, inertness (vivacity)

Torrid: scorching, hot (cool)

Tortuous: winding, circuitous (straight)

Tranquil: calm, serene (noisy)

Transgress: violate, exceed, trespass

Tremulous: trembling, shivering, quaking

Truculent: savage, ferocious, belligerent

Tumid: turgid, swollen (flaccid)

Umbrage: displeasure, resentment

Unkempt: untidy, neglected (neat)

Urbane: suave, refined (uncouth)

Vanguard: front, leading (P-09)

Verdant: green, unripe, growing

Vestige: trace, sign, remnant

Victuals: food, brad, provisions

Vindictive: revengeful, avenging (T-10)

Vivacious: lively, merry (depressed)

Voluble: garrulous, glib (curt)

Wanton: reckless, unruly (restrained)

Wastrel: profligate, vagabond

Whet: stimulate, sharpen

Wistful: yearning, pensive

Wonted: usual, customary (unwonted)

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