Antonyms Meaning, Uses, Examples, and Exercise

Opposites by adding the prefix ‘in’

Ability: inability

Active: inactive

Accurate: inaccurate         

Adequate: inadequate

Appropriate: inappropriate

Articulate: inarticulate

Attentive: inattentive

Auspicious: inauspicious, ominous (P-2000)

Capable: incapable

Complete: Incomplete

Correct: incorrect

Credible: incredible

Curable: incurable

Decent: indecent (P-03)

Definite: indefinite

Dependent: independent

Direct: indirect

Efficient: inefficient

Finite: infinite

Firm: infirm

-Flexible: inflexible

Formal: informal

Gratitude: ingratitude

Hospitable: inhospitable

Human: inhuman

Secure: insecure

Significance: insignificance

Sincerity: insincerity

Sufficient insufficient

Tangible: intangible

Temperate intemperate

Tolerate: intolerant

Visible invisible

Opposites by adding prefix ‘im’

Balance: imbalance

Material: immaterial

Mature: immature

Mobile: immobile

Mobilizes: immobilize

Moderate: immoderate

Modest: immodest

Moral: immoral

Movable: immovable

Pertinent: impertinent

Polite: impolite (P-04)

Possible: impossible

Practicable: impracticable

Probable: improbable

Proper: improper

Opposites by adding prefix ‘dis’

Advantage: disadvantage

Agree: disagree

Appear: disappear

Approve: disapprove

Arm: disarm

Continue: discontinue

Credit: discredit

Favour: disfavor

Honour: dishonor

Inherit: disinherit

Loyal: disloyal

Obedient: disobedient

Order: disorder

Orderly: disorderly

Place: displace

Please: displease

Proportionate: disproportionate

Qualify: disqualify

Respect: disrespect

Taste: distaste

Trust: distrust

Opposites by adding prefix ‘un’

Able: unable

Accustomed: unaccustomed

Accustomed: unaccustomed

Affected: unaffected

Armed: unarmed

Avoidable: unavoidable

Certain: uncertain

Chartered: unchartered

Common: uncommon

Conventional: unconventional

Cover: uncover

Cultured: uncultured

Do: undo

Dress: undress

Equal: unequal

Equivocal: unequivocal

Expected: unexpected

Familiar: unfamiliar (P-02)

Happy: unhappy

Healthy: unhealthy

Imaginative: unimaginative

Intentional: unintentional

Interesting: uninteresting

Just: unjust

Kind: unkind

Known: unknown

Lawful: unlawful

Manly: unmanly

Married: unmarried

Mask: unmask

Natural: unnatural

Orthodox: unorthodox

Pack: unpack

Planned: unplanned

Pleasant: unpleasant

Popular: unpopular

Real: unreal

Reliable: unreliable

Scrupulous unscrupulous

Skilled: unskilled

Spoken: unspoken

Tic: untie

Tutored: untutored

Usual: unusual

Wholesome: unwholesome

Wind unwind

Opposites by adding the prefix ‘ir’

Refutable: irrefutable

Relevant: irrelevant

Religious: irreligious

Remediable: irremediable

Reparable: irreparable

Resolute; irresolute

Responsible: irresponsible

Resistible: irresistible

Reverent: irreverent

Revocable; irrevocable

Opposites by adding the prefix ‘il’

Legal: illegal

Legible: illegible

Legitimate: illegitimate

Literate: illiterate

Literacy: illiteracy

Liberal: illiberal

Opposites by adding prefix ‘de’

Centralize: decentralize

Increase: decrease

Inflate: deflate

Ascend: descend

Opposites by adding prefix ‘non’

Aggression: nonaggression

Aligned: nonaligned

Cooperate: non-cooperate

Commissioned: noncommissioned

Conformist: nonconformist

Contentious: non-contentious

Flammable: noninflammable

Interference: noninterference

Payment: nonpayment

Poisonous: nonpoisonous

Political: nonpolitical

Resident: nonresident

Religious: nonreligious

Sense: nonsense

Smoker: nonsmoker

Taxable: nontaxable

Vegetarian: nonvegetarian

Violence: nonviolence

Opposites by using New Word

Abridge: amplify

Absolute: conditional

Absurd: rational

Abundance: scarcity

Accelerate: retard

Accord: discord

Acquit: convict

Active: passive, idle

Adage: heresy

Adamant: yielding

Addicted: averse

Adorn: disfigure, mar

 Advance: retreat (P-02)

Adversity: prosperity

Affluence: destitution, penury

Agile: slow (P-05)

Agnostic: believer

Alacrity: hesitation (P-09)

 Alleviation: aggravation (T-09)

Amateur: professional

Ambiguous: clear

Analysis: synthesis

Appetite: distaste

Appreciate: depreciate

Arrogant: humble

Assent: dissent

Assemble: disperse

Attract: repel

Augment: decrease

Authentic: spurious

Awkward: graceful

Barbarous: civilized

Baroque: plain

Barren: fertile, fecund

By: sane

Bawdy: decent

Benevolent: malevolent

Belie: justify

Belligerent: peaceful (P-09)

Benign: malignant, cruel

Bleak: bright, cheerful

Blunt: sharp

Boisterous: placid

Calculating: artless

Callous: kind

Camouflage: reveal

Candid: evasive

Carnal: spiritual

Casual: formal

Catholic: narrow-minded

Celibacy: matrimony (T-04)

Censure: praise

Churlish: courteous

Clandestine: open

Classic: romantic

Clemency: harshness

Compact: diffuse

Confidence: diffidence

Contempt: esteem

Corpulence: slender

Courtesy: rudeness

Cunning: naive

Defendant: plaintiff

Deficit: surplus

Enounce: defend

Feed: starve (P-04)

Dense: sparse

Derogatory: laudatory

Deviate: concentrate (T-09)

Diabolic: kind

Differences: resemblance

Dwarf: giant

Eager: indifferent: apathetic

Eclipse: shine

Ecstasy: agony, misery (T-04)

Effeminate: manly

Effete: strong

Egalitarian: elitist

Egocentric: altruist

Elation: depression

Emancipate: enslave

Emigrant: native

Enrich: impoverish

Esoteric: simple, common (P-09)

Eternal: transient

Euphoria: despair

Exonerate: accuse (T-04)

Explicit: implicit

Extravagant: frugal, economical (T-04)

Former: latter

Frank: reticent

Friendly: hostile

Frugal: lavish (T-04)

Generosity: stinginess

Genuine: spurious (P-05)

Gorgeous: simple

Grotesque: congruous

Hamstrung: strengthen

Harmony: discord

Healthy: diseased

Hybrid: purebred (T-04)

Hypocrisy: sincerity

Impenitent: repentant

Inevitable: uncertain (T-09)

Inferior: superior (P-13)

Insipid: tasty

Introvert: extrovert

Languid: energetic

Lenient: strict

Lethargic: energetic

Make: mar

Malign: praise (T-04)

Mandatory: optional

Meager: plentiful

Moderate: extremist, excessive

Morose: cheerful

Nominal: huge (T-04)

Novels: commonplace

Novice: veteran

Obtain: forfeit

Optimist: pessimist

Pardon: chastise

Perilous: safe

Parsimonious: lavish, prodigal (P-04)

Persuade: dissuade

Philanthropist: misanthropist (P-10)

Prodigal: frugal (P-05)

Prodigality: economical (P-09)

Prologue: epilogue

Prolong: shorten

Propagate: suppress

Progress: retrogress

Prudence: indiscretion (P-10)

Puissant: weak

Pulchritude: ugliness

Raid: retreat

Rapidity: inertia

Rear: front

Reciprocal: unilateral

Recovery: relapse

Refute: confirm

Religious: secular

Reputation: notoriety

Sacred: profane

Savior: destroyer

Senile: youthful

Shrill: muffled, soft (P-04)

Sophisticated: rustic

Steadily: waveringly

Sublime: ridiculous

Sympathy: antipathy

Terse: diffuse

Transparent: opaque

Tyro: virtuoso

Uniform: variable

Union: discord

Vague: clear

Virtue: vice

Vision: blindness

Voluntary: compulsory

Waste: hoard, save

Weal: woe

Wicked: virtuous

Wit: stupidity

Wisdom: folly

Wonderful: ordinary

Yield: resist

Youthful: mature

Zenith: nadir

Unimpeachable: blameworthy, reproachful (P-09)

Unbiased: prejudiced (T-04)

Volunteer: conscript (P-05)

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