PM Modi and CM Yogi – The Real Heroes of India

PM Modi and CM Yogi – The Real Heroes of India

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is heading on the track of development ensuring harmony on an international scale.  It is right that PM Modi has a long way to run in building India, a nation of his dream, as various types of problems have taken a strong position in Indian society which need a long time treatment while improving the political, administrative, and government system in India. PM Narendra Modi has tried a lot to raise the importance of India among big powers of the world like the USA and Russia. He has made exceptional efforts to harmonize the relationship with other countries. He a global scale has appealed for all countries to come together to handle terrorism, the biggest problem of the world.

After Narendra Modi, one more face came from the side of BJP in Indian politics. After getting a mega victory in UP Legislative Assembly Elections, BJP took a great decision to give the charge of UP to Yogi Aditya Nath as a Chief Minister of the state. Although there were other candidates who stood in the line of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, yet BJP and Modi chose Yogi as the CM of Uttar Pradesh.

In the beginning, it was considered to be a raise of the Hindu community only, as Yogi Aditiya Nath follows the tradition of the Hindu religion and has the ideology of it; however Mr. Yogi has proved that he is leading the state on the same track of development with the party policy, “Sab ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas”. Now the policies and decisions of Yogi Aditya Nath are being looked at like the establishment of law and order in the state to the ground level.

Soon after holding the responsibility as a Chief Minister of the state, Yogi took many great decisions in favor of the public which became the reflection of his strict policies. Every single day, Mr. Yogi seems to be in action mode and takes decisions attacking some of the problems like illegal businesses, farmers’ problems, social threats for women, corruption, terrorism, and growing prices. Now Uttar Pradesh is looking forward to having a systematic law and order in private as well as in government departments.

The political ideology mixed with nationalism and humanity has given both the leaders strength to become supermen on national and international levels. The complete devotion and hard-working nature of both the leaders make them the real hero of India. PM Narendra Modi is known for his decisions and UP CM Aditya Nath Yogi is also following the same policies of Development in India of late. Modi and Yogi are counted in those few persons who are strict in decisions in favor of the public, humanity, nation, and even world. Now Modi became stronger with the support of Yogi. Both the leaders are working in the same direction. It can be said that Modi has gotten a system-loving iron man in the form of Yogi in UP.

Both the leaders have a practical approach to peep into public problems, search their solutions and implement them in favor of the nation and humanity.

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