Imperative Sentences Definition Types Examples and Exercise 

Imperative Sentences:

Imperative sentences are sentences in which request, order, command, advice, suggestion, etc. are expressed. learn three kinds of Imperative Sentences.


Go there.

 Come here.

 Take your medicine daily.

 Do your work properly.

Let him go.

Do not let anyone sit here.

Let us wait for the result.

Let us go to school.

Kind of imperative sentences:

Imperative sentences are of three kinds.

Imperative First Type:

Imperative first-type sentences are those sentences in which the first person tells the second person to do something directly. In the first type of Imperative Sentences, the subject is always “you” but in a hidden form.


Come here.

Go there.

Please help me.

Please do not sit here.

Always speak the truth.

Never tell a lie.

Bring me a cup of tea.

Don’t ever play with bad boys.

Don’t take my pen and a pencil.

Play with your friends carefully.

Call me when you are alone.

Never cheat the person who likes you.

Take a book and read it.

Don’t tease the poor.

Don’t run foolishly.

Read a lot to improve your writing skill.

Read whenever you get time.

Obey your teachers and parents.

Please close the door.

Do exercise daily.

Wash your hand first and then eat.

Kindly give the medicine to me.

Don’t abuse anyone.

Do the work carefully.

Kindly grant me leave.

Always complete your work.

Do not tease anyone.

Do not disturb me.

Do your work properly.

Do not laugh at the poor.

Imperative Second Type:

Imperative second-type sentences are those sentences, in which the first person tells the second person to let the third person or first person do something indirectly.


Let me go home. (Mujhe ghar jaane do.)

Let me take rest. (Mujhe aaram karne do.)

Let him do his work.  (Use apna karya karne do.)

Let the child sleep.

Don’t let him come here.

Do not let him sit here.

 Let me do my work.

 Let me go home.

Let the student do his study.

Let them do their bark themselves.

Imperative Third Type:

Imperative third type sentences are those sentences, in which the first person tells to the second person to do something along with him. It means in this sentence “let us” is used.


Let us go home. (Hame ghar chalna chahiye..ya aao ham ghar chalen.)

 Let us go to cinema. (Hame cinema chalna chahiye..ya aao ham cinema chalen.)

Let us do our work. (Hame apna karya karna chahiye..ya aao ham apna karya karen.)

 Let us take something to eat.

 Let us move fast.

 Let us take rest now.

Let us start to read.

Let us help the needy.

 Let us play now.

 Let us go to cinema.

Let us call the police.

Let us stop the work.

Let us do the exercise now.

Exercise:  ………………coming soon………

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